Evomail, Like Sparrow For iPad Was Never Euthanized



Remember Sparrow? Of course you do – it was the best e-mail app for the iPhone, and the only app for Gmail that didn’t suck. Then Google bought it and killed it before the team could release its iPad version.

Well fret not, dear Gmail-using iPad user – we have good news. Evomail is a new thing which exists, and it’s kind of like Sparrow for the iPad.

Mail clients, it seems, are the new Twitter clients, and that’s a good thing. Apple’s own Mail app is fine, but it’s not great for Gmail. Evomail is kind of like a cross between Apple’s app and the official Gmail app.

Mail is grouped into conversations, and the familiar message column sits at the left of the screen, Swipe in the right spot and you get to see all your labels in a list. So far so normal.

But you can also label your messages when reading them, using a neat scrolling popover. You can also make a quick reply to one or all of the correspondees just by swiping in from the right.

But the best part for Gmail lovers is that you get to navigate a familiar layout but without Google’s stupid web-view, which means it’s a lot quicker when moving between messages.

There’s work to be done: I couldn’t get search to return any results – the official Gmail app is still the king there. But for just $3, you should probably just go grab this. Oh, and did I mention it has push notifications?


Via: Mac Stories