Skobbler’s ForeverMap 2 Uses OpenStreetMap To Help You Get Places With Or Without A Network Connection


Forever Map 2

OpenStreetMap is a project that makes and distributes free map data for the world, letting anyone use the data for free, without any legal or technical restrictions.

Startup skobbler uses this global mapping data to create its own set of location-aware mobile apps, like ForeverMap 2, an app that has been on Android for a while now, and which is now available on the App Store for your iOS device.

ForeverMap 2 is a hybrid on and offline mapping app that can be used whether you are connected to the network via WiFi or cellular network or not. The maps, which include the entire globe, will be available to you everywhere, regardless of signal. You can download complete country maps via WiFi before you head out, and that data will be available to you anywhere, any time.

You simply purchase the app for $0.99, and you’ll never have to pay for extra map packs or anything else. Having the maps along with you makes sure you’ll never have to worry about data roaming charges when traveling, either.

Skobbler calls their mapping technology NGX, which the developer claims not only look cool, but move, zoom, and rotate easily, with no blurry displays or blank map tiles. There are night, outdoor, and other map styles to try out, as well as route planning for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists, even though this is not a navigation app.

If offline functionality and free maps of the entire globe is important to you, ForeverMap 2 seems like a pretty good deal for a dollar. It’s available in the app store now.

Source: App Store
Via: Skobbler