Skip The Domain Suffix And Prefix To Get To Websites Faster Via Mobile Safari [iOS Tips]


Web Prefix Suffix

Want to get to websites faster using mobile Safari? No, I’m not talking about upgrading your internet or data plan to LTE or something, though that will obviously help. No, I’m more interested in showing you how to get to most major websites with just a bit less typing involved.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward, to be honest. Here’s how.

Skip typing “www.” Also? Stop typing in “.com.”

Easy, right? This doesn’t work in the mobile version of Chrome, as that browser takes whatever you type into its unified browser field as a search term if it doesn’t contain the .com (or .org, or .edu, etc.) part of a web address.

The iOS version of Safari, however, doesn’t have a unified search/web address field at the top, so if you’re typing an address directly into the address bar at the top (that’s the one to the left), then you can leave off the first three “w” letters, as well as the .com part, if you’re trying to get to a .com site, of course.

For example, launch Safari on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, and type “apple” into the address bar. Safari will bring you right to the Apple website, complete with www and .com, without any extra weirdness or search page wackiness. Have fun!

Via: OS X Daily