Easyjet Adds Passbook Support For Penny-Pinching Passengers



UK low-cost airline Easyjet – referred to by some Brits as "sleazyjet" – has brought Passbook support to its mobile app. Now you can not only shop for flights with the app, you can check in and have the boarding pass sent to your iPhone’s Passbook app.

I used Passbook for the first time the other day (compatible services aren’t very numerous here in Spain, but the service I used to buy tickets for Iron Man 3 last weekend offered it to me, of course I said yes), and found it to be easy and smooth to use. The best part is that Supporting Passbook requires some commitment from the company involved, so the staff can handle it. compare this with the time I saved some barcode-carrying PDF tickets for a dance performance to my iPad, and the theater couldn’t scan them from the screen. We were refused entry until the manager appeared.

European low-cost airlines pinch pennies wherever they can, and Easyjet is ditching check in desks altogether. The Passbook trial will run flights departing from Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nice, Southend and Stansted, and then all airports if everything works out.