Someone Wanted To Win The Tim Cook Charity Auction So Badly, He Stole A Credit Card To Do It


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That historic “grab a cuppa joe with Tim Cook” auction, which still has a couple of weeks to go and has already broken records, has had a little bit of a set back: credit card fraud that has set the auction back by thousands of dollars.

Right now, the current high bid for an hour long cup of coffee and chat with Apple CEO Tim Cook is $600,000 on Charitybuzz, but there was a previous high bidder for $605,000.

So what happened? Apparently, someone wanted to meet Tim Cook so badly they stole a credit card to do it.

Speaking to Fortune‘s Philip Elmer-Dewitt, a spokesperson for Charitybizz confirmed that a stolen credit card number was used to make the winning $605,000 bid. Alerted to the issue, Charitybuzz set the highest bid back to the previous largest bid of $600,000.

Not a big blip, and at $600,000, a cappucino with Tim Cook is worth twice as much as the previous Charitybuzz record holder — a meeting with former U.S. president Bill Clinton — but it shows the lengths some people will go to to get a word with the most powerful man in corporate America, doesn’t it?

Source: Fortune
Via: Macgasm