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MobileMe Debuts Tonight



Apple’s web services product, formerly known as .Mac, becomes MobileMe tonight, sometime between 6pm and 12am Pacific Time. A major overhaul to the $100 per year service will let subscribers manage email, calendar and contacts, pushing new data and changes automatically to desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Photo sharing features and disk space on Apple’s webservers let members store and share large files.

Apple produced a handy guided tour video and staff writer David Chartier posted a comprehensive piece on the details for Ars Technica today.

8 responses to “MobileMe Debuts Tonight”

  1. Chris says:

    9:10 pm ET and .mac still up and running

  2. .Mac user says:

    Been having problems all morning with .me, anybody else? Sometimes I can log in, but it will just sit there loading continuously and never get anywhere. Other times it just directs me to the “MobileMe is coming!” site. All the while the old .Mac address doesn’t work. I’ve been without main for most of the day so far, quite the inconvenience. Anybody else having such issues?

  3. diamondprojects says:

    Still nothing and it’s 1pm eastern…

  4. lonbud says:

    .Mac service is unavailable according to the log-in screen at and doesn’t have a log-in screen yet. Guess they’re still working on it.