BlackBerry’s CEO Thinks Tablets Will Be Dead In Five Years


Say what?
Say what?

BlackBerry has been going through a bit of a rough patch the last few years. The iPhone and Android stole the smartphone market from beneath their feet, and its recent product launches have been incredibly underwhelming.

Things are looking bad for BlackBerry, but it’s totally not going to let these last few years of mediocrity get to it though. In fact, BlackBerry’s CEO thinks his company just needs to weather the storm while everyone is going through this iPad-fad thing.

In a recent interview, BlackBerry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins said that he sees a limited future for tablet computers, and we’ll probably stop using them in a couple years. 

“In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore. Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such. Tablets themselves are not a good business model.

In five years, I see BlackBerry to be the absolute leader in mobile computing — that’s what we’re aiming for. I want to gain as much market share as I can, but not by being a copycat.”

Pro tip: If you are not making a great tablet, you will not be the leader in mobile computing in five years. Just look at the numbers. While Samsung and Apple have captured 33% and 17% of global smartphone sales, BlackBerry’s share has shrunk to only 3.2%.

BlackBerry fans shouldn’t be worried though. Heins says he’s got some great ideas that will put the company back on its feet – great ideas like licensing the BlackBerry 10 operating system to other companies.

The idea that the same companies that are “licensing” Android for free on their smartphone, will pay to use BlackBerry’s new OS is pretty laughable, but hey, this is the company that brought us the PlayBook. So yeah, basically BlackBerry fans should be worried.

Might as well fire Heins now and let Alicia Keys run the company. They could do a lot worse.

  • Steven Williams

    Firstly, I use my iPad primarily for personal use much more than for business. Secondly, I work for a charity and we produce very high-end events where iPhones and iPads have revolutionized our check in and auction processes. He’s assuming we are all sitting in an office all day. Clueless, but then what do you expect from the CEO of the doomed Crackberry.

  • TechBell

    Tablets running BlackBerry’s OS will be dead in five years – tablets are here to stay.

  • Fradiddle

    Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Oooo-eee-hahahaha oh stop yer killing’ me hawhawhaw wheeze choke

  • Jdsonice

    Please don’t mind if I ignore this moron.

  • technochick

    He’s totally right. Tablets will be dead. And replaced by the watch, ring, glasses, shoes, hat and of course ‘the power glove’ (it’s so bad)

  • tonyadams

    Blackberry will go bankruptcy in five years if they don’t make something special like Apple did, I don’t really think the Tablets would be dead because there are various of type of people that they love tablets since people travel on aboard so tablets are much easier to use while travelling, Even the business model people uses iPad to send emails and keep reminders it’s time saving rather than using phone.

  • dickbronder

    In 5 years this guy will NOT be CEO of Blackberry. In 5 years I might win this bet ;-)!

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    How can such a clueless person get to be CEO?

  • iSteve

    In five years Blackberry will still be a fruit..

    What an asshole this guy!

  • Windlasher

    Wanna be a billionaire.. ? Listen to what this guy says and do the exact opposite. In 5 years newborns will be handed a tablet 20 mins after they are born and will be developing apps before they can walk.

    Does RIM intentionally hire morons to run the place?

    I stand by my premise that apple should buy RIM and convert all the users over a few years. They would of course have to beef up iCloud, but it could be done.

  • Eurofag

    BB will be dead in 2 years so why do they care?

  • jacktheripper2234

    This guy is out of his mind. Of course tablets and ipads are the future. I guess this is why their company can’t get back on their feet. In 5 years black berry will be a totally dead brand. They already are. There is nothing interesting of innovative about their products. They were always bad. We already see the take over of mobile devices. Professionals will always have desktop type machines ( the trucks that steve talked about) OSX is eventually going to include touch. They have been working on this secretly. Eventually the mac also gets a touch interface. The ipad and the mac become intertwined, but not in a way like windows 8. This guy is totally out of his mind and could possibly be smoking crack. The tablet form factor has already prooved it’s self. The ipad specifically in the tablet market has become the choice for content creation, business, and play. Blackberry is done! The iPad is SO young. We haven’t even seen half of what it’s capable of. It’s literally 3 years old. It’s going to morph and change drastically. What we will be able to do on a tablet will be amazing. Though, we will always need a bigger display. We will always need a professional grade machine. Especially content creators. Designers/graphic artists will always want a desktop setup to create their work on at a larger scale. Video editors, writers. There will be a place for both of these types of devices.

  • Andrew Newsome

    This might seem stupid and weird right now, but you guys don’t KNOW what is going to happen in 5 years.

    Things always change.

  • aardman

    This might seem stupid and weird right now, but you guys don’t KNOW what is going to happen in 5 years.

    Neither does Mr. Heins.