ChargeAll Wants To Install Free Charging Stations In Coffee Shops



What if your local coffee shop offered free phone charging along with free Wi-Fi? What do you mean, it already does? Yeah, sure, you can plug your phone in while you sip your delicious cup of pour-over, but you still have to bring your own charger.

ChargeAll’s answer is to sell multi-point charging stations to store owners, and have them provide the service to their customers.

The ChargeAll is essentially a four-port USB hub with a flat mat for the phones and a stand at the back for an iPad. The store owner would put a sticker in the window and set the thing out, ready for entitled morons to suck juice the whole day long after buying a single coffee.

The price? $99. That seems pretty steep to me, but it does come with some cables to fit most phones. Plus, you will essentially be advertising your store on a ChargeAll app, which lists the positions of everywhere that provides a charging station.

Or you could just stick to serving coffee and ignore the freeloaders who won’t buy any more than the minimum anyway. It’s up to you.

Source: Indiegogo

  • technochick

    My issue with this sort of thing is that my stuff is hanging with other people’s possibly behind a counter so it would be easier for someone to say my phone is theirs. Or to just grab it and go.