MirrorCase For Model Students And Perverts Alike



MirrorCase: Handy tool for meetings and lectures, or creepy accessory to help snap pictures of people without them ever knowing (until they find them on some revenge porn site, I guess)? The answer is a resounding “both!” Find out why…

The case is a standard, bulky folio-style number, complete with kickstand and office-drab colorway (black). The “mirror” part comes from a mirror in the spine which flips out and lets you take photos and video in front of you whole the iPad lies flat(ish) on your desk. The prescribed use is to grab pictures and video of a lecturer as he/she speaks.

But like any tool, it can also be used for evil, and you could snap pictures of pretty girls whilst reading on the subway. Or you could, if the case actually folded into a portable form, which it doesn’t. The mirror’s angle can be adjusted with a thumbwheel, but the mirror-box which holds it is fixed.

Want one? I didn’t think so. But if you need further discouragement, I can prove it for you: the MirrorCase costs an absurd $80. You can buy a whole lot of upskirt on the internet for that kind of scratch.

Source: MirrorCase

  • extra808

    This isn’t even real yet, it’s just a Kickstarter campaign.

    It’s not a crazy idea but the design is rather lacking. It probably shouldn’t be a case at all, more like a kickstand you can easily add or remove. Ditto for their product that’s actually real, the MirrorCase for iPhone.