WordEver HD For iPad Reinvents Keyboard, Reinvents Touch-Screen Typos



WordEver is neat new iPad text editor with a big gimmick: the keyboard. Instead of using Apple’s built-in keyboard,it has a custom version which is both good and bad. Good, because it brings some geniunely useful features to the iPad. Bad, because it can be hard to type and lacks auto-correct, which is why the original version of this first paragraph was so bad.

In fact, I actually went back and corrected that first para with an external keyboard so you could read it. The actual raw text is below:

WordEver is neat new ipad tex editor with a big gimmick: the keyboard. Instead of usnig Apple’s blt-in keybaord ,i t has a custom versoin wihch is boht good an d bad. Good, because it brni ssmo e geniunely useful featrues to the iPad. Bad, because it can be ahr dto typw an dalcks auto-correct ,whc is why this fri tapragraph si so abd

It turns out that the Apple keyboard is actually pretty good after all. This is a shame, as there’a a lot to like about WordEver. Capital letters are made by swiping up on a key, there’s an extra keyboard row with symbols (mostly Markdown-friendly), and things like brackets and quotes are auto-pairing (i.e. you use the same button to open and close the parentheses and you can highlight a word, tap the key and the word is wrapped with the appropriate marks).

The keyboard can also be stretched up and down to make it bigger, and its opacity faded so you can see the text underneath.

Text selection is done with gestures. You can move the cursor by swiping around with two fingers, tap in the margins to move one character at a time, use the arrow keys on the keyboard and – this is the neatest part – pinch in and out on the screen to cut and paste text.

I wanted the app to work, as I’d like to work on the iPAd mini without a keyboard sometimes, but the terrible, terrible autocorrect means that;’s out of the question – I’ll need to keep packing a keyboard when I travel. A shame, as there’s a lot to like here, and the app is just $2.

Source: Brett Terpstra

Source: iTunes

  • dzyamulych

    I’m developer of WordEver HD. We are working hard to resolve all issues and make WordEver and his keyboard more reliable and useful.
    In few weeks we’ll release WordEver for iPhone. It will be free.
    WordEver HD will have some new features like web-browser, custom styles (CSS) for Markdown and few more features (secret).