The Fusion Plate Plays Nice With Camera Straps And Tripods [Kickstarter]



Those quick-access camera straps which loop through a ring screwed into the tripod socket are fantastic and terrifying in equal measure. Fantastic because they really are fast, convenient and comfortable to use (just ask Cult of Mac’s Traci Dauphin, who I have never seen without an Olympus hanging from a Black Rapid strap around her neck); and terrifying because you’re hanging your expensive camera from a strap which could unscrew itself any any time.

Add to that the fact that you can’t use a tripod with the screw-in strap plate attached and you’ll see where this new Kickstarter gadget is coming from.


It’s called the Fusion Plate, and it was born when David Fliger almost missed a shot:

However, I quickly discovered that the screw on attachment loop interfered with my ability to utilize my tripod quick release plate. Both devices utilized the ¼”-20 accessory hole on the bottom of the camera. This required me to screw the loop in when I wanted to use the strap and remove it when I wanted to use the tripod.

Which like totally sucks, right? So he quit whining and got into the machine shop. The result is a plate with a foldaway ring which can be stowed while using the Fusion as a quick-release plate for a tripod. Neat, huh?

You’ll need to pitch at least $65 to get in line for a unit if and when they ship, and you’ll also have to deal with removing the whole thing every time you want to change a better or memory card (or both, depending on your camera), but so what, right?


Via: PetaPixel

  • TokyoAce

    Looks interesting… For the time being, check out the Carry Speed straps. Much better build than the Black Rapid straps and you can use a tripod with them…