Apple Takes The Show On The Road – Tech Talks Coming To A City Near You



With all the brouhaha over the 2-minute sell-out of Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) this June, it’s not too surprising that the Cupertino-based technology company has taken a few steps to support those developers who weren’t able to get a ticket to the popular event.

Apple has already decided to offer video of the WWDC sessions, and has contacted some developers who were unable to get a ticket due to the online ordering system overload.

Today, however, in a post on its News and Announcements for Developers page, Apple has announced that there will be a traveling tour, dubbed Tech Talks, making its way to various cities around the country, perhaps like the ones held in 2011 for the launch of iOS 5.

The announcement post thanks developers for their enthusiasm and “unprecedented interest in WWDC,” saying:

Enthusiasm for WWDC 2013 has been incredible, with tickets selling out in record time. For those who can’t join us in San Francisco, you can still take advantage of great WWDC content, as we’ll be posting videos of all our sessions during the conference. We’ll also be hitting the road this fall with Tech Talks in a city near you. Hope to see you there.

This is great news for developers of Mac OS X and iOS software, a growing group of individuals around the globe who are ultimately Apple’s ace in the hole. It’s great to see Apple taking steps to counter the limited availability of space at the Moscone center for WWDC. Perhaps they read Cult of Mac’s suggestions?

Source: Apple Developer
Via: MacStories

  • Christian Marker

    i think the squares look like icons ;) MAYBE that’s a hint of a redesigned iOS? and even more guessing even the OS X (OS XI)