Use Your Own Photos To Create A One-Of-A-Kind Case [Deals]


CoM - Casetagram

If you’ve been hunting for a truly unique way to customize your iPhone 5 then look no further because with this exclusive promotion you’ll be able to fully customize a case with all of your special photos. Whether you want photos of family, friends, adventures, long nights, hikes, trips, beach days, and other good times, you can put all of these wonderful memories on a sleek case for one of our most favorite devices on this planet. And you can do it for only $39 for a limited time thanks to Cult of Mac Deals!

It even gets better. You’ll even receive a screen protector – a $20 value – for your mobile device with this purchase.

Casetagram is a revolutionary design service that lets you create custom cases for your mobile devices from your Instagram and/or Facebook photos.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upon your purchase you’ll receive a coupon code that you will use to get your custom case for free on Casetagram’s website.
  2. You’ll then have to sign up with your Facebook or Instagram account to start the create process. Click here to see how the customization process will work.

It’s a simple process that will bring an amazing and beautiful iPhone 5 case right to your doorstep. And this purchase ships around the globe – for free. This promotion is available to iPhone 5 owners around the world so no one will miss out. (You can see all of the other fine print over at the Deals page.)

Don’t have an iPhone 5? We’ve still got you covered. Click here to get $25 off a custom case for a number of other smart devices.

This kind of offer won’t last for long. Personalize your iPhone with this $39 deal – which includes free shipping and a screen protector – from Casetagram and Cult of Mac Deals today!