New Book: iPad for Digital Photographers By Derrick Story



Derrick Story – photographer, Macworld writer, podcasts and the man who (somewhat brilliantly) named his site The Digital Story – has just launched a new book called iPad for Digital Photographers.

The book isn’t proposing that you use you iPad to take photos, holding it up in front of you like some big dork, but that the iPad is a slim and powerful computer that should be slipped into the gear bag of anyone who takes pictures.

Using inexpensive, but powerful software on the iPad, plus the latest in wireless technology and cloud services, you can create and publish beautiful images. And it doesn’t stop there. I explain how to run your entire photography business using the iPad.

I’m just about to go grab the Kindle edition (for my iPad, of course). I like Derrick’s writing style and he’s a great explainer. I also just started using a regular camera again after some months shooting with only the iPhone 5, so I’m hungry for tips.

The paper version of the book is $13.45, and the Kindle version, which requires no shipping or printing, is $17. Go grab a sample now.

Source: Amazon

Via: Derrick Story