Spicy Horse Games Announces New RTS Collectible Card Game, Hell Invaders


Hell Invaders

American McGee’s Spicy Horse Games (Akaneiro, Alice: Madness Returns) revealed its new real time strategy (RTS) digital collectible card game today, tentatively titled Hell Invaders.

It’s set to release on Mac, iPad, PC and Linux sometime this coming Fall, and it looks like a weird cross between Diablo and Magic: The Gathering. Instead of cards moving toward each other with animation, the actual monsters on the cards fight it out in glorious 3D, something new and different for a card-based video game.

Digital collectible card games are all the rage lately, with variants on the formula from Might & Magic, Order & Chaos, and World of Warcraft all vying for player attention, time, and money. These games bring in a ton of cash for the creators and publishers, what with all the micro transactions and the lure of finding the perfect rare card in digital packs that mimic the real card booster packs you can buy at comic and gaming shops around the world.

Hell Invaders will have a single-player campaign and multiplayer arenas for player vs player action. You’ll also be able to trade and buy cards, as well as interact with other players outside of combat.

There’s no word on a publisher or a price as of yet, but Spicy Horse Games plans to release that information in the next few months.