SnapZoom Clamps Binoculars To Your iPhone [Kickstarter]



Why buy some dumb iPhone telephoto lens when you could just drop $70 on an adapter that weds your iPhone with a pair of binoculars. That’s what Daniel Fujikake and Mac Nguyen were thinking when they came up with the SnapZoom, a universal mount to do just that.

Snapzoom connects and aligns a smartphone camera with the eyepiece of an optical scope. The scope then becomes an accessory lens, and the smartphone camera’s image is magnified by the power of the scope. For example, the iPhone 5’s camera is equivalent to a 33mm lens field of view.

Adding a Snapzoom and the average 10x power binocular increases the size of the image to a 330mm lens field of view.

The Kickstarter-funded SnapZoom will put almost any phone on any binocular, and it stays safely clamped so you can hang the binoculars around your neck as you walk as the God of Dorkiness intended. I actually took some pictures a few weeks back by holding my iPhone up to a pair of old Soviet field glasses and they turned out ok. They would have been a lot better had I not had to keep tapping the screen with my nose to get it to focus.


The Kickstarter campaign has just launched but already looks like it’ll easily achieve its goal. In the meantime, go dig out any old binoculars or telescopes you might have around and get shooting.


Via: PetaPixel