This iOS 7 Concept Video Dreams Of A Fully Customizable Lock Screen [Video]




WWDC is getting closer, which means we’re probably going to see Jony Ive’s vision for iOS 7 really soon. We know Jony’s not a big fan of skeuomorphism, so we expect to see a lot of flat UI design in iOS 7.

Rafael Justino just published his concept for what iOS 7 might look like, and while there’s still a great deal of skeuomorphism in Justino’s concept, his vision adds a lot more functionality to some of the basic apps of iOS.

The full video is ready for your examination below:

The Clock and Voice Memo app are still noticeably grounded in skeuomorphic design, and the Calculator app looks like a downgrade, but Justino’s ideas for the Contacts app are pretty interesting. I’d love to have a picture by everyone’s face when I’m hunting for phone numbers.

The most interesting concept is Justino’s lock screen customizations. Justino hopes Apple will give users the ability to completely customize every element of the lockscreen, right down to the color of the “Slide to Unlock” arrow, and the opacity of UI. Fat chance of that happening if you ask us.

In the end, would we really want that much customization power built into iOS 7? Tell us your thoughts on the concept in the comments below.

  • AlainFleitas


  • Bulldogger123

    Hell, yes!

  • rskeever

    Loved the notification centre, the ability to add a second timer and the contacts but the rest can stay the same. Or they can be ‘Ived’ at least instead.

  • technochick

    A fair bit was just shadow removed versions of the current. Or just fluff. The only perhaps useful bit, in terms of the non geeks who don’t insist on being able to play with everything was the collapsed notifications. Otherwise meh

  • CharilaosMulder

    Love the Clock app redesign. Although most of what I just saw are cheaply designed interfaces.

  • WXMAN2001

    Buy an android device if you want all that crap.