Apple’s Giving Out 150 Free WWDC Tickets To Students Who Can Make Kick-Ass Apps



WWDC is the best place in the world to go and learn how to become a better iOS or OS X programmer. Only problem is it’s really freaking expensive, and it’s hard as hell to buy tickets before the thing sells out.

To help students out with the $1599 price tag for one ticket to WWDC, Apple announced that it will award 150 WWDC 2013 Student Scholarships. All you have to do to get the scholarship is be a full-time registered student, and make a killer iOS app. 

To apply for the contest you must be 13 years of age or older and a current member of one of Apple’s developer programs. Applicants are then asked to showcase their badassery by building an app that tells Apple about the applicant. Apple says the app should highlight development projects, educational and professional background, technical skills and interests.

150 students will get a free ticket to attend WWDC from June 10-14th. Scholarship applications are due on Thursday May 2nd, and Apple says it’ll let you know if you got in by May 16th, 2013. If you think you got what it takes then you can already fill out the application, but you might want to start saving for a flight and hotel, because Apple says it won’t reimburse scholarship winners for travel or hotel accommodations.

Source: Apple