Panasonic LF1 Camera With Wi-Fi, Fast Leica Glass And Vestigial Viewfinder



Panasonic’s new LF1 is a Wi-Fi-sharing, fast-lens shooting RAW-capture camera which looks like a kind of remixed LX-series camera. It’s clearly aimed at smartphone users who want a little extra.

The Lumix LF1 shoots RAW images, has a 200k dot optical viewfinder, a 28-200mm equivalent zoom, Wi-Fi and NFC, a 3-inch LCD, a maximum ISO of 12,800 and a 12MP sensor.

The camera will retail for $500.

I like the Wi-Fi and RAW, and NFC will get useful when more phones can use it to initiate photo transfers. I also like that the lens is a wide ƒ2 model, designed by Leica. But that viewfinder is pathetic in its low resolution, which makes me wonder why it’s even there.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is a hit or a miss. One thing is certain, though: this thing looks fantastic. Maybe a little too fantastic for any Android owners to put anywhere near their horrible-looking phones.

Source: DP Review