Namco Brings Three Idolm@ster Games To iOS, Charges $55 Apiece


  • technochick

    While I agree that the prices seem high it is their right to charge them. Lets see how the market goes. Folks might buy, they might not. If they don’t then the price could be lowered. But it is unlikely it will ever been the 1.99 type prices folks are used to. And that might be a good thing. Companies like Nintendo might be rethinking releasing classic titles like Mario Bros, Kings Quest etc but they aren’t going to want to do so at crazy low prices and why go to the fuss if no one is willing to buy at a higher price (like the $19.99-24.99 range). If is shows the market will buy then it it encourage them

  • Eurofag

    You have no idea how pricy the im@s franchise is. I’d go as far as saying this is actually cheap.