Timebar Turns Your Entire Menubar Into A Timer



Timebar is an ultra-simple timer app for your Mac. Click! its icon up in the menubar, drag! to select a period of time and then Go About Your Life! as it ticks the seconds away by running a blue progress bar across your menubar.

But there’s more.

You can choose different alert sounds and set custom messages to show when the timer is done. You can also use Alfred or the terminal to set your timers.

For Alfred, just download the plugin extra and then type something like Timebar 10 minutes make more coffee into Alfred. The result is exactly as you’d expect.


The terminal is even neater. Just type in something like timebar –duration 60 –message "Hello there" –print/ and the command line tool will magically transform it into an encoded URL which will activate and set Timebar, thusly: timebar://whimsicalifornia.com/start?duration=60&message=Hello%20world

There days I use Siri to set timers and alarms, but he yakes so damn ling that I sometimes think he spends his off-time smoking weed. So Timebar it is, from the MAc App Store for just $3.

Source: Whimsicalifornia

Thanks: Mark!