Apple Canada Leaves iPhone Buyers in the Cold



Photo by JoLin via flickr

Apple retail outlets in Canada will not be selling the iPhone 3G when it makes its global debut on Friday, according to a report at AppleInsider. Speculation has been rampant that Apple Corporate is disgruntled by the PR fiasco created by Rogers Wireless service plan offerings for the new phones in Canada, which so far have attracted more than 50,000 signatures to a petition decrying the company’s pricing as predatory.

Rogers and its partner stores will be the only places to buy an iPhone 3G in Canada come Friday. Canadian Apple retail stores will, however, have demo units on hand for the July 11 launch.


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19 responses to “Apple Canada Leaves iPhone Buyers in the Cold”

  1. Andrew DK says:

    Uh, who the heck is that a pic of?

  2. Jason Luckey says:

    But they’re doing those users a favor by not letting them get gouged by Rogers. The plans are horrible. Rather than give other folks like RIM and Motorolla a “headline” by having the iPhones available and customers not buying them because of the cell plan, they are preemptively lowering expectations.

  3. Bob Eubanks says:

    It’s a mad Canadian and there’s something about her foundation that’s not right. Perhaps she’s a robot.

  4. Bob Eubanks says:

    It’s a mad Canadian and there’s something about her foundation that’s not right. Perhaps she’s a robot.

  5. Camperton says:

    This is ridiculous fear mongering. Most countries outside of the US won’t be selling the phones at Apple stores. They need to be activated by the carrier. There is no conspiracy. US is an exception not the rule.

    Also as a Canadian I’m a bit annoyed by this “outcry” against the price plans. I’m guessing most of the offended have never tried to get a full data plan in Canada before. The rogers iphone data plans are in line with typical data pricing here. Yes it would be nice to have a reasonably priced unlimited data plan for the iphone – but it would be setting a massive precedent.

    Fine by me, there’ll be 50,000 less people to contend with come Friday.

  6. Camperton says:

    Also… that photo is… uhm… how you say… terrible.

  7. Matthew says:

    If the canadians really want to feel (a little) better, look at Vodafone New Zealand plans = the most expensive place on earth to own an iphone.

    The prices:

    And a national current affairs show tearing apart the local Vodafone hack:

    I almost feel like throwing in a certain star wars quote… can i resist?

    Help us obi wan kanobe, your our only hope!

  8. Baudolino says:

    Camperton: You mean like those unlimited plans offered by Telus and Bell? That are “reasonably priced.”

    Nice try, but Rogers’ position is indefensible. And that won’t change until the sheep stop following them. I’m not buying an iPhone on July 11 – I’ll be getting myself an HTC Touch Diamond. With an unlimited data plan.

  9. Campbell says:

    Wish someone would set up a petition here in Australia. The carriers are predators taking advantage of the situation particularly when you compare our plans to those available in the UK. So much for Jobs blatant lie about phones costing $200. He didn’t let on about the inflated pricing plans

  10. abe says:

    Apple never planned on selling the iPhone in their 6 stores in Canada. This is not news.

    And while I don’t believe the rumor that the launch shipments have been reduced, as they were probably shipped last week. Don’t forget they have to clear customs, then get to all the stores, it all takes time. They may reduce the shipments to replenish stocks, but we won’t know that for a few weeks.

    I do think that rogers is on the wrong side of the diminishing returns curve with their pricing though. So they won’t get the sales they are hoping for.
    If they had an unlimited data/voice plan for $50/month just think of the possibilities
    100,000 people at $50/month ($5million) or
    10,000 people at $100/month ($1million)

    Just think of the possibilities rogers.