Cents – Beautiful, Essential And Intuitive Micro-Expense Tracker For iPhone



Ka-chunk, ka-chunk. Ker-Ching! That’s the sound of micro budgeting, and doesn’t it sound like fun? That’s because it is – with Cents, a super-simple new iPhone app for tracking your daily expenses.

Quickly switch between weekly and monthly totals. Add custom expenses with only one tap.Configure pre-set expense buttons for quick usage (we challange you to find a faster app!). Customize amount and icon for each button.See and track your most frequent expenses. Monthly stats that show you how you spent all that money.

Cents is for the little cash transactions that you make every day. While there are plenty of apps to scan and save your credit card payments, Cents is for the, well, the dollars and cents in your pocket. The easy-to-use interface has a running total up top, and swiping in from the bottom opens up a grid of quick-entry buttons. Here you can keep recurring expenses like a bus fare, the daily morning coffee or anything else.

Other less frequent amounts can be added manually.

It’s pretty cool if you’re trying to tie up all the loose ends on your spending, or if you live outside the US and UK and don’t feel the need to use a credit card just to pay for something that costs like 50 cents. Better – it’s free, although you’ll have to pay the $2 in-app fee to allow endless transactions. The free version is limited to just ten for demo purposes.

Source: Studio Etto

Via: Beautiful Pixels