iPad Lunch Tray Brings TV Dinners Into The 21st Century



Despite its obvious problems, it’s hard not to love this little iPad lap desk from Kikkerland. It’s not just that it would look so cute perched on your thighs with a snack and a suitable beverage, but that somebody thought to update the TV dinner for the internet age.

The iPad Bed is just $13 (currently sold out at Kikkerland but available elsewhere: try Amazon), and sits firmly on your lap thanks to a cushioned base. The slot at the back holds the iPad in horizontal or vertical orientations, and the flat surface is the perfect place to stow hot liquids while you… Wait a second.

The iPad is pretty splash-proof, as I have discovered after extensive use in the kitchen and bedroom, but even I’d balk at sitting a hot cup of coffee on a surface right next to my $800 tablet, especially as that tray-table is supported by my untrustworthy and wobble-prone lap.

Also: coffee with a bagel? Coffee should never be drank with savory foods. That’s just disgusting.

Still, I’m sold. I use the iPad in bed enough that this could even be considered a tax write-off.

Source: Kikkerland

  • vandinglewop

    But will it hold an iPad mini tight enough?