Help The Cassette Tape Live On With This Cool Case For iPhone 5 [Review]



I have fond memories of the cassette tape. The first album I ever bought was on cassette — I won’t tell you what it was — and I used to spend hours taping songs off the radio so that I could listen to them on my cheap Bush walkman, which had just three buttons and a volume control.

Cassette Case by Rocket Cases
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $14.99

The cassette’s pretty much dead now, of course, but you can help it live on with this cool cassette case for iPhone 5 from Rocket Cases. Priced at just $14.99, it’s made from a sturdy TPU plastic that provides your device with all-over protection from drops and scratches.

I’ve been testing it for a few weeks to find out whether it is worth its price tag, or whether it’s as useful as an actual cassette tape.

The Good

The cassette case actually looks pretty funky on the iPhone 5, and I’ve had more people ask me where I got it than with any other iPhone case I’ve used before. I’ve also been pretty happy with the protection it provides.

The corners of the cassette case are a little thicker, so they provide extra protection against those inevitable drops.

Because of its square design, the corners of the cassette case are a little thicker, so they provide extra protection against those inevitable drops. The square design looks a little odd from the front, but I quickly got used to it. Besides, it wouldn’t look like a real cassette if the edges were too round.

The TPU isn’t too thick on the back or the sides of the case, so it doesn’t add too much bulk to your iPhone, and hardly any weight at all. Its shiny finish also makes it easy to pull out of your pocket when taking a call.

The bottom of the cassette case.

The cassette case protects your sleep/wake button and the two volume buttons on the side of your device, which prevents them from collecting dust and dirt. But these buttons are still fairly easy to press. I also found the mute switch easy to access with my thumb or finger.

I was a little concerned initially with how small the cutout for the rear-facing camera is — it only just provides enough room for the camera and flash — and I thought it may cause reflections that would ruin your photos when using the flash. However, I’ve taken a ton of photos with the flash on during testing and I’ve not had any problems with this.

The Bad

The cassette case is cheap, and that’s evident the moment you pick it up. It feels cheap. It’s not all that comfortable to hold because the material is a little sharp around the edges, though it probably is a little more comfortable than holding a naked iPhone 5.

The cassette case is cheap, and that’s evident the moment you pick it up.

Remember I said that I get asked where the cassette case came from quite a bit? Well, it’s usually by teenage girls or on one occasion the mother of a prepubescent boy, which gives you some idea of who this case is best suited to. You probably shouldn’t buy your dad one for father’s day, then.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 17.07.48
The cassette case is a little squarer than most iPhone cases.

I also had an issue using certain Lightning accessories with the cassette case, too. The cable you get with your iPhone fits just fine, but if you use a micro USB to Lightning adapter like I do, you’ll need to pull the cassette case off at the bottom. This isn’t a major issue, though, because a lot of cases have this problem.

The biggest downside to the cassette case, however, is that Rocket Cases isn’t the only company that sells them. In fact, when I typed “iPhone 5 cassette case” into Google to get the link for a friend, I found a ton of them on eBay — without the Rocket Cases logo, of course — for less then a few dollars.

The Verdict

The cassette case may feel cheap, but it is built to last. The great thing about TPU plastic is that it’ll take a good beating before it shows any signs of falling apart. With that in mind, this case could be great for your clumsy kids who need protection for their iPhone 5 — particularly if they’re looking for attention from teenage girls.

The cassette case fits well, and it does look pretty cool. But if you want one, it might be best to shop around.

Product Name: Cassette Case
The Good: Strong, cheap, looks cool, and it’s a hit with teens.
The Bad: Not the most comfortable case, available cheaper elsewhere.
The Verdict: The cassette case will protect your iPhone, and it’s a great birthday present for iPhone-owning teens.
Buy from: Rocket Cases



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