Turn Your Spare Change Into iTunes Credit [How-To]



I hate coins. When I receive change, it almost inevitable finds itself dramatically hurled on the floor, or trickled in between the couch cushions, or randomly dumped in tables and receptacles around the house.

As such, I end up generating a shocking amount of coinage every week, and buckets and buckets of rattling copper, nickel and silver every month. What to do with all of those coins, though? How about turn it into iTunes credit?

This neat tip comes via TUAW. I’ve long been a fan of the coin counting service Coinstar, which distributes kiosks at places like supermarkets where you can dump a jar full of change, have it automatically counted by the machine, and get cash back (minus a fee off the top).

What I didn’t know was that some Coinstar machines allow you to turn in your change for iTunes gift certificates without Coinstar taking any money off of the top, and sometimes has special offers where you’ll get an extra $10 worth of iTunes credit if you trade in $40 or more worth of coins.

As TUAW notes, this is a fantastic way for parents to turn spare change into an iTunes allowance for their kids, but even for guys like me with more change than he knows what to do with, this is a fantastic tip. To find Coinstar machines near you, click here.

Source: TUAW

  • technochick

    This has been around in the US for like 5 years.