Readtime Fetches Articles Based On How Much Time You Have For Reading



Got a few minutes to read something? Not sure which of your saved Read Later article to pick? Then you need Readtime, a new iPhone app which picks articles based on the time you have available. Dial in the length of your coffee break or the average time taken to clear your bowels in the morning, and Readtime will return a list of appropriately-long articles.

Readtime syncs with Readability and Pocket (not Instagram, yet) and can also post links back to those services. Use the on-screen dial to literally dial in the time you have available and it’ll use its fancy algorithmic computer brain to pick you an article based on reading time. Fast reader? Finished already? Then the app will scoot off to find another, shorter snippet to fill the remaining minutes.

You can also save links back to the parent service, and share articles via email, Twitter and so on. The app even syncs for offline reading.

It looks pretty cool although there is no iPad version yet. I guess the idea is that – if you only have a few minutes to spare – you’re happy to read on your iPhone. Readtime is available now for $2.

Source: ReadTime

Via : Mac Stories