All Of Apple’s Upcoming iPhones “May Be Delayed” [Analyst]


Really, Peter Misek?
Really, Peter Misek?

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek is at it again. Apparently his own trips to Apple’s Asian suppliers are leading him to predict that the rumored iPhone 5S, which has yet to be announced by Apple, will most likely be delayed. His delay timeline is based on earlier predictions that the iPhone 5S would come out in July, which would in itself be odd, since Apple has typically released iPhones on a yearly cycle, putting a new one sometime in September or October.

He’s also on record as predicting that an even-more-rumored low-cost iPhone will also be delayed until the fourth quarter of this year, and that the iPhone 6 won’t actually happen until 2014.

“iPhone 5S is having preproduction issues with mass production at least a month or more away. This combined with the publicly discussed delay of iOS 7 puts a July availability at risk,” said Misek, as quoted at StreetInsider. “We continue to believe there is almost no chance the iPhone 6 launches in CY13 [calendar year 2013] due to supply chain issues.”

It sounds good, of course, but the “publicly discussed delay of iOS 7?” That’s rumor and speculation as well. As for the iPhone 6? No one really expected that out in 2013 to begin with.

Visiting Apple suppliers in Asia is a great way to figure out whether there are issues or not, sure. But to look at a production facility that isn’t set up quite yet for an iOS device that most likely won’t be available for sale–or even announced–until Fall 2013 seems a bit disingenuous.

Misek also predicts that a ton of other Apple products will be delayed, like an iPad mini refresh. He also reports that there was no evidence of iWatch production. Which is just sheer silliness. Why would the factories set up to make iPhones also be set up to make iWatches? Oh, and he doesn’t think an Apple iTV is likely for this year.

Lets have Misek and other financial analysts stick to financial predictions, ok? The Jefferies analyst does believe that Apple is in for a couple of lean quarters, with financial returns coming in below expectations. He recommends a hold rating on Apple stock, and a price target of $420 a share, which is in line with other analysts’ predictions.

Source: Street Insider
Image: Bloomberg