One Of The Guys That Botched Apple Maps Got A New Job At Facebook



After being fired from his post at Apple for the Apple Maps fiasco last year, Richard Williamson has found a new home at one of tech’s other superstars – Facebook.

Richard Williamson played a key role in the development of the iPhone’s software under Steve Jobs. After working at Apple for more than a decade, Williamson was put in charge of the Apple Maps team that replaced Google Maps in iOS 6.

The botched launch of Apple Maps cost Williamson his job at Apple back in November, but he joins Facebook as part of a group of Apple defectors who worked on the iPhone’s software.

Several Apple alumni played a key role in designing Facebook’s newest foray into mobile – Facebook Home. As a sort of home screen skin for Android devices, Facebook Home will allow users to spend more time in Facebook’s Mobile products rather than its competitor Google.

Among the Apple alumni recently hired by Facebook are Former iPhone Manager, Greg Novick, who developed the iPhone’s touch interface. There’s also Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris, who are former software designers, and then Scott Goodson, Tim Omernick and Chris Tremblay who are software engineers.

We also reported earlier this morning that Facebook has also hired famed iOS designer, Loren Britchter to help the design team at Facebook.

Source: Bloomberg