Former Google CEO: We Still Really Want Apple To Use Our Maps On The iPhone


Mapgate continues.
Mapgate continues.

Kicking Google Maps to the curb last year in favor of its own homegrown solution caused quite a stir last year for Apple. Most of the rage over Apple Maps has died down, but Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, sees no reason why things can’t be repaired.

In fact, Schmidt admitted today that Google would love to work with Apple to set Google Maps as the primary navigation tool on iOS. With tensions between the two companies still being tight, we’d say there’s not a slim chance in hell of that happening, but Schmidt thinks it could.

Speaking today during the AllThingsD Mobile Conference, Schmidt had the following to say about Apple using Google Maps:

“We would still really like them to use our maps. It would be easy for them to take the app in the store and put it as their basic one.”

Apple and Google used to have a close partnership that brought Google software to the iPhone, but ever since Google started pushing its own Android mobile operating system, the relationship between the two companies has gone “thermonuclear.”

With the release of iOS 6, Apple kicked Google Maps off the iPhone, but allowed Google to bring a standalone app to App Store a few months later. While we can’t imagine Apple ever running back into Google’s arms, it would be pretty nice if Apple let users set Google Maps as the default app in the Settings panel.


Source: CNet

  • Jdsonice

    Really? Really? So you can steal more technology from Apple? Are you running out of original ideas?

  • joewaylo

    Might help to lower the corporate pricing to free API usage.

  • TheMacGuy


    This is why Eric Schmidt is crazier then Steve Ballmer (and Ballmer is pretty f—ing crazy).

  • zviivz

    Apple Map is just fine. I’m happy with it. Didn’t have to use Google Map although I have it installed in my iPhone.

  • DJBabyBuster

    jailbreak = possible to default google maps