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Speed Read Your Way Through Your Documents, Books, And Emails [Deals]


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I’ve madea a point of trying to read more books this year than ever before. The fact that I can have books on my iPad, e-reader, and even on my phone (along with good old-fashioned paper books), I’ve got more to read now than ever before and that’s a good thing. But with all of that reading material it would sure be nice to up my reading speed.

That’s what this Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to do. In fact, with this Speed Reading Course, Udemy guarantees you will read at least 33% faster – or you have 30 days to get your money back! And you can get this course for only $49 for a limited time!

This course features over 43 lectures and 4.5 hours of content – content that is going to teach you how to read faster and smarter. Your mind will stop wandering and you will have better comprehension of any text. The result is that you’ll achieve peak performance and more productive while reading anything.

Here’s what’ you’ll learn:’s covered in this course:

  • Assessment of reading speed and comprehension
  • Understanding the Reticular Activating System
  • Reading actively instead of passively
  • Avoid back skipping to re-read
  • Brain waves to do intellectual work
  • Speed reading online software
  • Speed read without any training
  • See how the eyes work when you read faster
  • The mechanics of speed reading strategies
  • Understanding the left and right brain functions
  • Speed reading practice
  • …and much, much more!

The man who’ll be guiding you along the journey to better reading is Alex Garcez, who’s been teaching speed reading for more than 8 years. He’s developed a new methodology that really works, and his clients include professionals from companies such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Google, GE, Bloomberg, eBay, Wall Street Journal, and The Walt Disney Company. To learn more about Alex (as well as all of this deal’s important reminders), head over to the Deals page.

So if you’ve ever wished you could breeze through emails, newsletters, and books, then we’ve got the solution for you here at Cult of Mac Deals. Not only will you read faster – and save 50% off the regular retail price – but you’re going to retain what you read.

Visit the Deals page and grab this speed reading course offer while you can for just $49 so you can start reading with better speed and retention today!