Triage – First Aid For Your Inbox



Triage is an app which makes it easy to quickly whittle down your incoming messages using your iPhone. The idea is that you can quickly scan (or triage) your mails, archiving anything unimportant and saving the rest for later.

Triage doesn’t try to replace your desktop mail client. It lets you use your downtime to quickly remove the noise and stress.

To this end, your emails are presented as a stack of cards, so you can deal with one at a time. You swipe a message up and off the screen to archive it, and down to save for later. You can also choose to have the up-swipe delete the message, or just to mark it as unread. And trapping on the message opens it to let you read it and see more details.

It’s a little like Mailbox, only it works with pretty much any e-mail account, not just Gmail, and it doesn’t have the granularity of filing that Mailbox does. If you are already happy with the way you manage your e-mail, but need something to help you get through the junk on the go, then go grab this. It’s $2, and it works great.

Source: Triage