You Can Now Get A Refurbished 5th-Gen iPod Touch For $50 Off From Apple [Deals]


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Apple has started selling refurbished models of its latest iPod touch online. In this case, that means $50 off, which translates to a 12%-16% price cut depending on the storage size. A 32GB refurbished iPod touch costs $249 instead of the normal $299, and a 64GB model costs $349 instead of $399. A refurbished option is not available for the 16GB iPod touch, unfortunately.

Colors options are yellow, blue, pink, white, and black for each storage size. You can also get refurbished versions of the 4th-gen iPod touch (released in 2010) for considerably less.

There’s really no reason to not buy refurbished if you’re shopping for Apple products online. Everything is factory certified, and the warranty is the same.

Source: Apple Store

  • RandieDonoff

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  • Eric Truesdell

    “A refurbished option is not available for the 16GB iPod touch, unfortunately.”

    That would be because there is no 16GB 5th Generation iPod Touch. The smallest hard drive in the 5th Generation is 32GB. The 7th Generation iPod Nano is 16GB.