Google Updates YouTube App For iOS To Include Access To Live Streams




If you’ve ever been disappointed with the YouTube for iOS app’s inability to tune into Live streams, then we’ve got some great news for you today.

Google just released version 1.3 of YouTube for iOS, and along with some stability and performance improvements, the app now gives users the ability to view Live streams inside the app. There’s also a new Queue feature that will let you add a bunch of videos to a list to watch later, along with some UI improvements to give users quicker access to their My Subscriptions feed.

The free update is available in the App Store now.

Source: iTunes

  • Cgs101

    The thing I don’t understand with the YouTube app is why you need an extra app to capture amd upload video. The YouTube app should do both things: watch and upload.
    And why would you go into the trouble of downloading an extra app when the phone can record video and upload it to YouTube natively???

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