Double Amputee Gets Himself Two iPhone-Controlled Robotic Arms Worthy Of Jony Ive Himself



In an accident almost too horrifying for words, Jason Koger once ran over a fallen power line with his four-wheeler. 7,200 volts ran through his system, and the accident was so horrifying, he needed to have both his arms amputated. But there’s an app for everything, even robotic hands.

Koger’s new cybernetic hands were designed for him by UK-based prosthetic developers Touch Bionics, called the i-Limb (natch). Featuring five individually powered digits and a totally opposable thumb, Koger can use the arms to automatically grasp any number of objects, like a cup or even a pen, but if he wants a broader range of abilities… well, to his iPhone, where Koger can access a library of 24 grip patterns to find a grasp that works for him.

It’s all pretty neat, although I do find it interesting that Koger seemingly has to use a stylus to use his iPhone. Couldn’t someone slather some capacitive skin on top of that arm?

Source: CNN