Schneider iPro Series 2 Adds Two New Lenses And iPhone 5 Compatibility



Yesterday, I visited the nerd-o-rama that is the annual Barcelona comics convention, and along with the overweight folks in too-tight superhero costumes, there were overweight folks in black t-shirts and sweatpants taking lots of photos. And their comfy clothing choices were explained by the fact that they had to carry like 20 kilos of glass in their camera bags.

Next year, they might be able to dress a little better whilst also saving their spines, using the Schneider iPro Series 2 lenses for the iPhone 5.

Schneider’s new lens system has been re-tooled to fit the smaller iPhone, and two new optics have been added. Joining the fisheye, the 0.6x wide-angle and the 2x telephoto are a super-wide 0.45x and a macro lens. Plus, the original fisheye and wideangle have been redesigned to make them better.

The case, too, has been retooled, and now comes in two parts for easy fitting. If you hate cases, you can just use the top part, sliding it onto the phone with the lens when you need it.

I’m in two minds about iPhone lenses. I love my Olloclip, but I usually find it easier just to take a step back. Then again, if the alternative is carrying a camera and 40 pounds of glass all day long, then a set of five lenses which can literally be carried in a jeans pocket is pretty tempting.

The new optics should be on sale in May.

Source: Newsshooter
Via: Vimeo