Apple Board Member Calls Out Glasses And Watches In Era Of Intimate Technology


A third-party concept design for the iWatch might look.
I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Bill Campbell, an Apple board member as well as the chairman of the Intuit board, sat down for an hour long chat with Intuit’s CEO today to talk about technology. This is a rare move for Campbell, who’s known for his behind the scenes work (as well as his salty language, apparently).

Without giving away Apple secrets, Campbell talked about a new era of technology, one that will include all sorts of “intimate objects” as our new devices.

While the term intimate objects may mean completely different things to some folks, I’m betting he was talking about tech that you wear on your body, like glasses, or watches.

Now, Bill Campbell didn’t talk about the iWatch at all, but one thing he said is telling. He pointed out that the audience, and by extension, all of us, are going to start to see “a lot of things going on with the application of technology to really intimate things.” Things like Google glasses, for example. “It’s a phenomenal breakthrough,” he said. “When you start to think about glasses or watches, they become as intimate as the cell phone was.”

Nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s great when folks involved in companies that are making the new technology we’ll all be using in the next few years speak up and let us know where they’re at. Call it wearable computing, intimate technology, or just a foregone conclusion, there’s no escaping that the tech of the future will be more integrated with us as human beings than ever before. And, while we may not have a William Gibson data jack in the back of our skulls, the ubiquity of a pair of glasses and a wristwatch is hard to ignore.

Source: Business Week