Android Fragmentation In A Nutshell: iOS Devs Only Need To Support Four Screen Sizes, Samsung Alone Has 27


Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 9.59.57 AM


Nuff said.

Source: Twitter

  • DrM47145

    Oh well… that makes sense. I can see why developers would want to stay away from that nightmare.

  • enderwiggin21

    And how many different resolutions do those screen sizes represent? That’s *really* the issue. But given developers have been programming for desktop/laptop displays pretty much since the dawn of the PC, this seems to be little more than click bait.

  • ElVox

    THere clearly is a big hole in their lineup…I don’t see a 9.x” device in that list…they need to fix that, it’s an oportunity if I’ve ever seen one!

  • divinituss

    The issue is really how many devices that Android cannot automatically scale the app properly. As far as Android development is concerned, if your XML layout files are written in relative, at least up till today I have not encountered any problems with scaling. Therefore, its quite silly to see articles relating (more screen sizes) to fragmentation.
    Perhaps the only valid claim to fragmentation is the different API levels the phones support, which is also quickly diminishing since Google is actively working on their support packages for older phones.