Add International Top Level Domains To Safari Mobile Web Keyboard [iOS Tips]


International TLDs

You probably already knew about how to tap and hold on the .com button in your iOS version of Safari to bring up the top level domains that come with the basic web keyboard, right? Tap into the URL bar at the top of Safari, and the web keyboard will show up. Tap and hold on the .com button and you’ll see all the top level domain suffixes for .com, .edu., .org, .net, and the like (if you’re in the US).

But what if you want to be able to quick access domains not in your main country, like Australia (.au), Canada (.ca), or the UK ( With a quick trip into the Settings app, you can add these and others, super easily.

On your iPhone or iPad, tap your Settings app, and then tap the General tab on the left. Scroll down a bit to the Keyboard section, and tap on that. Now tap on Keyboards, and then Add New Keyboard. Choose the international keyboard of the country or countries you want to add to the quick access button in Safari. I chose English (UK), English (Australia), and English (Canada) for my keyboards.

Once they’re all enabled, head back to Safari, tap into the URL field at the top, and then tap and hold on .com. You’ll now see all the top level domains that you enabled, ready for a quick drag select.

Via: OS X Daily