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Manfrotto Brings “Stile” And Bad Spelling To Camera Bags



Face it. Camera bags are dorky as all get-out. I avoid them entirely, either dropping my camera into the pocket of a regular bag with a pair of woolen socks underneath for padding (true, and it works great in my Rickshaw Zero Messenger) or putting it and its accessories into a padded liner that slips into any other bag I might want to use.

But Manfrotto (Bogen in the U.S) has hit on the formula for cool camera bags. The secret? Calling them “Stile” bags and taking photos of them being used by young people in leather jackets.

The StilePlus range consists of a Tote, a small sling, a backpack and various messenger and holder bags. Depending on the model you can fit in a small rangefinder, a DSLR system or a combination of camera gear and MacBook/iPad.

I have my eye on the Amica sling, which looks perfect for a little Fujifilm X100S, and the Bravo backpack, which looks comfortable and load-spreading enough to wear all day long.

The prices are reasonable, too, starting at around £20 ($30).

Source: Manfrotto
Via: DP Review