MagSkin Case Will Stick Your iPhone To Almost Any Kitchen Appliance


You know when you make a Skype call and your own voice echoes back at you, and you find it impossible to concentrate on anything except VIOLENCE and KILLING! Please make it STOP!?

And you also know how cool it is when you pull out your credit card, or slip your bank card into an ATM and it just doesn’t work? Like it’s been zeroed out by magnets? Well, imagine if you could somehow combine these two things into one.

You need imagine no more: Daniel Weyer has done the hard work for you. Behold! The MagSkin case.

Kidding aside, the MagSkin looks pretty cool. It’s a regular plastic shell-style case for your iPhone 4/S or 5, only it has four magnetic strips embedded in the back. And wiping cards isn’t its only use. You can stick it to a refrigerator door. Or a freezer door. Or even an oven door. Washing clothes? Stick it to the washing machine. Or the dryer!

Or leave it on top of your car by mistake and stand a fighting chance that you still have a phone by the end of the journey.

I kid. Again. I would actually love to stick my iPhone to the front of the fridge, because currently I put it on top of the fridge every morning as I listen to podcasts and fill belly with coffee and smoothie.

Want one? You have two choices. Rip the rare-earth magnets from your existing gadgets and duct tape them to your iPhone, or pledge up to around $25 on Kickstarter for the MagSkin case. And fear not: Daniel has previous experience of Kickstarter success, after he pitched and shipped the original MagSkin, a stick-on rear magnetic cover for the iPhone.

And the horrible echoey Skype nightmare? Just watch Daniel’s video.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Daniel!