71.4% Say They Would Never In A Million Years Be Caught Dead Buying A BlackBerry



No one wants to own a Blackberry. That’s the takeaway from a new poll which asks people which device they’d never be caught dead using. There aren’t many people who wouldn’t be caught dead buying an iPhone, though.

In a survey by research house Raymond James, respondents were asked the usual bevvy of smartphone polling questions: what features would make you buy a new iPhone, Android or Blackberry? For example, would you buy an iPhone with a bigger screen, or an Android smartphone with a physical keyboard, or a Blackberry with a lower price.

Intriguingly, though, Raymond James allowed anyone who wanted to to opt out of any of these questions by saying that they would never, under any circumstances, use a particular device. And of the consumers they surveyed, a mind-boggling 71.4% said they’d never buy a BlackBerry, compared to 31.3% for an Android smartphone and 19.7% for the iPhone.

These are the kind of numbers that must make BlackBerry’s CEO just want to kill himself.

Source: All Things D