71.4% Say They Would Never In A Million Years Be Caught Dead Buying A BlackBerry



No one wants to own a Blackberry. That’s the takeaway from a new poll which asks people which device they’d never be caught dead using. There aren’t many people who wouldn’t be caught dead buying an iPhone, though.

In a survey by research house Raymond James, respondents were asked the usual bevvy of smartphone polling questions: what features would make you buy a new iPhone, Android or Blackberry? For example, would you buy an iPhone with a bigger screen, or an Android smartphone with a physical keyboard, or a Blackberry with a lower price.

Intriguingly, though, Raymond James allowed anyone who wanted to to opt out of any of these questions by saying that they would never, under any circumstances, use a particular device. And of the consumers they surveyed, a mind-boggling 71.4% said they’d never buy a BlackBerry, compared to 31.3% for an Android smartphone and 19.7% for the iPhone.

These are the kind of numbers that must make BlackBerry’s CEO just want to kill himself.

Source: All Things D

  • RobGcf

    Blackberrys are garbage! My first so-called “Smart” phone was a Blackberry Storm. It was great for about three months, til I really started noticing its shortcomings and absolutely HORRIBLE software design. Example: Who in the hell had the idea to list Recent Calls sorted by PHONE NUMBER rather than by time? With no way to change it. That was one of many major fails. Blackberry’s time has come and gone. It’s time for them to go away and let iOS and Android continue to battle it out.

  • Jdsonice

    Blackberry is simply a dated operating system. After owning a couple I can safely say that the hardware was not anything great either. In its day yes it was good now no. While the iPhone is fragile it is still the only phone I have managed to keep for more than a year and it has always performed flawlessly.

  • cubreb

    A 3 paragraph column on how nobody likes the Blackberry. And then 2 comments on how much they hate the Blackberry. C’mon guys! The Z10 rocks! Blackberry “got back”. Apple is rotting. I guess it needs this fanaticism to survive now. Sorry…