Navigate Your Calendar Even Faster On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]


iOS Calendar

You know how when you use the iOS Calendar app, you can tap on the little arrows to the right or left of the Day or the Month? This will move you one unit per tap, so when you’re in Month view, you’ll move forward one month if you tap on the right arrow, and one month back if you tap on the left arrow. Same thing with the Day view: tap on the left arrow to move back one day, the right arrow to move forward one day. Simple, right?

Turns out that you can move through the calendar even faster in either Day or Month view.

Instead of tapping on the arrow to the right or to the left, tap and hold on the right arrow to move through the Months or Days super fast. It’s like Fast Forward for your Calendar. Want to quickly look ahead several months? Tap and hold on the right arrow while in Month view, and the months will slide by quickly, allowing you to see next year’s calendar fairly quickly. Do the same to see many Days back, with a tap and hold on the left arrow while in Day view. The Calendar pages will fly backward like in a movie or something.

Want to get back to the current day? In either view, simply tap the little Today button in the lower left of either the Month or the Day view, and Calendar will snap you back to the present, no questions asked. Sweet!

Via: OS X Daily