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$6,000 Walnut Desk With Clever Dual-Opening Drawers



You know what? I’ve never looked at my desk and thought “I really wish that I could open two drawers at the same time, and yet still have easy access to the bottom one.” That’s not to say the Cartesia Desk is a bad idea. Rather, it shows my lack of imagination. The only thing I think of when I look at my desk is “where the hell am I going to put all my junk while I use the ironing board to actually iron some clothes.”

The Cartesia has fancy drawers which can open in two directions, letting you swing adjacent levels out in different directions. Which is pretty neat.

On the other hand, it costs $6,000, which makes my ironing-board-stacked-on-top-of-wine-crates look distinctly practical.

Source: Colors
Via: Uncrate