iDropcopy Shares Your Mac and iOS Clipboards Via Dropbox



iDropcopy is a super simple clipboard sharing app which uses Dropbox for its storage. It comes in iOS (universal) and OS X flavors, and is almost as simple as copying on one device and pasting on the other. And because it uses Dropbox you can – theoretically – dive in and edit the raw snippets.

The Mac version is currently under review in the App Store, but the iOS app is already available . To use it, you first authenticate with Dropbox (using the Dropbox App), and then go copy something. Switch to the app and the snippet is copied to your Dropbox (inside a PLIST file, so you’ll need to do some digging to actually make the contents useful to anything other than the iDropcopy app).

Links are detected automatically, and to refresh the app to detect incoming links you pull down, just as Lord Brichter decreed. You’ll be doing a lot of refreshing if when you first start using the apps, but if all you’re doing is copying something from here to there every once in a whir then you’re good.

It doesn’t come near something like the majestic Pastebot in utility, but then again Pastebot doesn’t sync between iOS devices, and it still doesn’t have a native iPad version.

iDropcopy Is available now, for $1.

Source: iTunes

Via: Mindobix

  • m0rgan23

    It’s actually iDropcopy. Makes a bit of a difference when searching for it.