French Digital Comics App Removes A Ton Of Adult Titles After Apple Warning


We only read this for the articles. In French.
We only read this for the articles. In French.

Looks like Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga isn’t the only digital comic getting warned off by Apple’s terms against material it deems to be pornographic lately. French comic app portal app, Izneo, has also been affected by a recent Apple warning to remove a ton of the comic books from its app offerings that Apple deems pornographic, and thus in violation of its Terms of Service.

Izneo received a warning from Apple to remove any adult comics on the service recently, without warning. The comics app company says that it received no warning, and was not directed to specific issues that were deemed “adult,” but that the adult material needed to be removed from it’s app offerings or face banishment from the App Store. This is in spite of the fact that the books published via Izneo have been on the App Store since 2010, according to TUAW.

Izneo rushed to comply with the warning, removing up to two thirds of its comic books that it felt would offend Apple’s app guidelines. The app itself is clearly marked as being only rated for 17+ individuals, as well.

While it’s certainly Apple’s right to refuse to sell any app or content that it deems against its Terms of Service, it does seem that there has been a rash of new claims against apps like this, including Vaughn’s Saga, that have not been warned or singled out before. Why this is happening now is something that only Apple knows, and we’ve reached out for comment.

Source: ID Boox