New Borderlands 2 Update Brings Back Windows Multiplayer, Adds New Weapons




Hardcore Vault Hunters may have noticed that the opportunity to venture forth with their PC-based comrades — a huge boon that arrived in an update almost two months ago — was no longer an option as of early this month, when the latest Borderlands 2 patch hit PCs, throwing the two operating systems out of sync again.

But the two platforms are now synced again, thanks to Aspyr’s lightning-fast release of a Mac-side patch. They’ve also brought us the $5, Steam-only Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Pack DLC, which raises the level cap and adds a “super-rare line of weapons.” Yeehaw.

With the DLC, the level cap sits at 61, which should add months of nomad-splatting action. The update also adds “Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode,” which adds black-market items and new storage for loot; just be warned that it’s for hardcore nuts only — UVHM is only available on the third playthrough.

Hopefully it’ll be a while before the next PC-side update, when the sync gets thrown out of whack again — we really need those PC gunslingers.