Google’s AdMob iOS SDK Retires UDID Feature Ahead Of Apple’s Deadline


Achievement unlocked: AdMob updated for devs.

Google today announced the final step in the process of moving from the Unique Device Identifier (UDID) of Apple’s older iOS versions to the newer Identifer for Advertising (IDFA), as per Apple’s instructions to developers last month.

The AdMob iOS software development kit (SDK) allows developers to build in Google advertising support in apps developed for Apple’s mobile platform to monetize apps via the Google advertising powerhouse. Apple has been warning developers for the past year that support would end for UDID due to their potential security risks, given their connection to personal data on users’ devices.

Apple will begin rejecting apps that use UDIDs starting May 1 of this year, so developers who rely on advertising systems like Google’s AdMob should integrate the new SDK into their apps soon.

Other updates to the AdMob SDK include, according to the blog post:

The full list of changes in the AdMob SDK, version 6.4.0 include:

No longer accesses the UDID
Fix for GADInterstitial crash that occurs when app is running in the background
Fix for GADMRAIDInterceptor threading crash
Renaming symbols to prevent duplicate symbol errors
Support for receiving test ads when using AdMob through mediation
Test ads are only available on devices running iOS 6 and above

Source: Google

Via: The Next Web