Mastering Mac OS X Calendar: Fix The Default Notification Center Alerts [OS X Tips]


Calendar Alerts

In Mac OS X, Calendar now uses Notification Center to let you know when events are coming up, by default. What if you don’t want these notifications, or want them only for a certain kind of event, like a birthday or timed event?

Well, using the preferences in Calendar, you can do just that, setting things the way you want them, rather than the way Mac OS X has them by default. Heck, you can even turn them off completely. Here’s how.

Launch Calendar from your Mac’s dock, Applications folder, or wherever else you’ve stored it. Once open, click on the Calendar menu in the upper left hand corner. Select Preferences from there, and then click on the Alerts button in the upper right–-the one that looks like one of those old-fashioned megaphones.

You’ll see a pop up menu at the top which you can use to set the preferences for each type of event: Timed (it’s just called Events here), All-Day Events, or Birthdays (which uses the built-in Birthdays calendar). Click on the menu next to Events to set the way your Mac will notify you when a timed Event is scheduled. Then click on the menu by All Day Events to set a different notification interval, or just to turn them off. You can then set the default notification for the Birthdays calendar, which is a handy way to make sure you never forget that special someone’s annual celebration again.

Note at the top, you can choose whether this applies to your calendars stored in iCloud, or the ones On Your Mac. Near the bottom, you can turn off shared calendar messages as well as invitation messages in Notification Center, to even further customize your Notification Center experience.

Close the Preferences window, and quit out of Calendar. Now you’ll get notified of Calendar events the way you want it to, rather than the default way Apple set it up.

Via: MacLife