Concert Vault: Stream Old And New Gigs Right To Your iPad



Concert Vault is a neat new iPad app which lets you watch and listen to music concerts. The free app has a slick interface which lets you search on your favorite bands and stream their gigs. It’s a deep catalog, too, going way back in time as well as offering newer content.

The app comes with a seven-day trial, after which you’ll need to by a $40 membership which’ll last you a year. I fired it up and searched on Talking Heads (the best band ever) and found a gig from CBGB, one performance at the Heatwave Festival and one fro the Berklee Performance center.

These are all audio-only recordings, which is cool (the Heatwave version of I Zimbra is fantastic), but there are various videos, too. Plus, AirPlay is supported so you can listen to the streams on proper speakers as you go about your business).

I’m using the hell out of it right now, and I’m actually pretty tempted to sign up – there’s also a monthly option available for $4. I’m not that into watching old gigs since I quit drinking (it used to be fun to grab a bottle of whisky and track down old footage on YouTube), but I’m totally into hearing live performances by my favorite bands. It’s like listening to covers, only done by the original art its, and it’s a great complement to something like Rdio and Spotify.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. David Byrne just announced that he’s going to play some new songs, from an album they just finished. The first song? Once in a Lifetime. I have goosebumps.

Source: Concert Vault
Thanks: Mike!

  • MrsCleaver

    Originally called Wolfgang’s Vault (and still is on the web), Concert Vault has been available for the iPhone for a long time. Streaming of their material used to be completely free, which I greatly miss. Still, the membership amount isn’t too bad.